This business idea was 3 years in the making and it is now a reality. There was a lot of business planning and preparation involved with getting Spinn Cycles off the ground, it was a great learning experience for us and we are still continuing to learn as the business grow. We are very excited about this business endeavor and we are very grateful by the overwhelming support from our friends and family.

There are many challenges ahead but we are optimistic about what the future of Spinn Cycles hold. We are more than just a brand that sells merchandise, we are looking to build a community of like minded people who share the same passion as us. We will be sharing photos and personal stories from various type of cyclists hoping to better understand and connect with them.

We love cycling and its community. Our overall goal is to bring more cycling awareness and to get as many people as possible to embrace this wonderful sport/hobby/activity, whatever you choose to call it. Let’s ride.